Music Les Barnhart
Mr. B.Chester

A short bio of Les Barnhart. I grew up in Colorado starting in Greeley and then at age 10 moved to a very small town of Briggsdale which was Smaller than Grinnell or Grainfield. I graduated in 1989 and then went to The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley where I received my Bachelor of Music in 1994. I then went to Kansas to teach at Grinnell which I did from August of 1994 to May of 1998. I then taught at Harper Elementary in Harper, KS for three years and while there had the opportunity to work with their technology person and received a lot of training and also learned a lot about technology on my own. In May 2001 I got a call that there was a music opening in Grinnell and the technology person was also leaving so I returned to Grinnell in August 2001. I live in town with my lively cat Chester who keeps me very busy.

Can you believe it is already the start of the fourth nine weeks? I certainly can't. We have a lot to do so be ready to put your work shoes on and get busy.